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Size Placemat set 13″x19″- 6 pcs  & Napkin -16″x16″ – 6 pcs
Material Placemat with Napkin
Color Multi
Product Code 123 – sympony
Thread count Helen Bennett
Brand Pratica
Material Care Hand wash, Machine wash warm .

The primary function of placemats is to protect your dining table and counters from water marks, food stains or heat damage.

Placemats also serve as decorations to coordinate with color or motif themes and for special holidays and events. Esthetically, many people feel that it adds to the beauty of a table to add color and vibrancy whereas they also reduces noise pollution by softening the clanging of dinnerware and cutlery. They help protect a wood table from moisture, heat, dings and scratches. Placemats are also a very convenient to keep your table clean and to avoid endless wash cycles of table cloths. Placemats for kids can be an endless source of fun and entertainment and subconsciously allow learning to continue during meal time.


1) They Protect Your Table’s Surface

2) They Decorate and Add Esthetics

3) They are Convenient and Green Conscious

4) Provide Entertainment

5) Increase Sanitation and Noise Reduction

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